Veranda Adkins

Veranda is not only a successful travel business coach helping other women realize their dreams of entrepreneurship, but she currently runs several successful businesses throughout the United States.  As a business owner herself, she understands the daily trials of entrepreneurship. Veranda can help you:

What's Your G.P.A.?

You need Goals Plans Action

It’s time to stop clicking on every opt-in, every training and every free webinar trying to sell you a false reality and fluff your ego.  In order to really grow your travel business, you need your  

Goals. Plans. Action.  

My coaching program is not like anything you have experienced before.  I am here to cheer you on, support you, celebrate you and guide you through your travel business journey until you reach the success you are looking for.  The systems I will teach you are also the systems I use in my own business.  


First consider what you want to achieve and then COMMIT to it!


The necessary steps to achieve your goal.  


Work your plan and modify as necessary.  

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Just Get Started

You don’t have to be perfect.  Just be perfectly committed to building your legacy.  

It is OK to fail...just don't live there!

Every idea and every plan doesn’t work.  Learn from it and keep moving. 

What's My Routine?

How setting a daily routine can keep you focused on your goals.